“We need a pwan!”


Summer’s gone. Soon the holidays will be here, and then the New Year with renewed hope for increased sales.

So now is when many businesses plan their budgets for next year.

I love budgeting. It’s a chance to review what worked – and didn’t – and set out to do better next year.

And it always brings back memories of watching the animated cartoon An American Tail over and over with my family.

In case you missed (or forgot) it, it’s Steven Spielberg’s production about immigrant Fievel and his fellow little mice in Manhattan in the late 19th century. All they wanted was the freedom to pursue the American dream, work hard, and earn their share.

Problem was the Big Cats of New York harassed and extorted them until there was little left for them and their families. Powerless, the mice held a meeting. Their leader, the richest mouse in New York, Gussie Mausheimer (played by comedian Madeline Kahn with an encore of her Germanic accent from Blazing Saddles) declared, “We need a pwan!”

Our hero, Fievel, came up with a bold plan to banish the cats. The timid mice built a giant mechanical mouse, and by using technology, they drove the cats away.

So as you set your goals and budgets for next year, be bold. Put 10% into testing some new methods in your marketing strategy.

Otherwise, you run the risk of the Big Cats eating your business for lunch.

Happy Pwanning!