A word about privacy and best practices…


As you seek and create customers on the Internet, best practices make an important statement about your brand to your contacts.

Respecting privacy is both good sense and required by law.

Best-practices go further: you’re showing your customers and prospects that you respect them.

We only work with industry-leading and long-established ad serving networks that share these beliefs.

Here are best practices that we – and they – follow:

Personal identity privacy is respected. All media data is anonymous as to who is the individual user. IP addresses and online actions are collected, but this information is not matched to individual people.

Personal likes and dislikes are aggregated for logical ad display. User group profiles are created from literally millions of pieces of online activity.  The profiles allow targeting ads that meet proven interest based on viewers’ past activity. This is often called interest-based advertising or online behavioral advertising.

“Hand-raising” history makes for better matches. Our network alliances collect additional information when an action is taken – like making a reservation, sending in a contact form, or placing an order. Hand-raising data enhances the value of aggregated data to better align ads to a more receptive audience.

Want to know more?

Click here for the Network Advertising Initiative’s “Understanding Online Advertising” and a link to opt out of receiving online ads.

Click here for the I.A.B. “Privacy Matters” campaign where you’ll learn more about Internet advertising practices and tips that you can use.

Here’s the link to MarketServ™’s privacy policy.

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