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At Iris, we know that there are lots of good ways – both legacy and digital formats – to promote your business. We recommend them to our clients, and use them ourselves.

MarketServ™ aligns Iris’s fundamental strategic themes in the digital marketing space.

We develop and maintain expertise on specific digital marketing tactics and operations. Our expertise also brings to light commercial insights to share with our clients.

And we know what we don’t know. So through our strategic partnerships – large and small – we bring resources and their expertise to implement and manage other tactics and operations.

Work ethic, perseverance, tenacity, diligence…when we take on a client or a project, we see it through from beginning to end with the attention to detail you’d expect from yourself.

Change is constant. Time to market is constantly shrinking for new advances in Big Data and Cognitive, Software as a Service, and Real Time Bidding for ad buying.

We help our clients foresee, adopt, and react to find and meet their customers online 7/24/365.

Today’s customers expect you to know them, and personalize their interactions and experiences with you.

So we focus our expertise on data-driven tactics that harness Big Data with predictive analytics, customer modeling, and cognitive techniques.

We are an IBM Business Partner, and we have also formed strategic alliances with leading members of the Internet Advertising Bureau, so our clients have access to the industry-leading and time-proven resources they need to maximize ROI.

MarketServ™ leverages Iris Publications’ 25 years of expertise in communications strategies and solutions.

Through our network of resources, we can develop a customized MarketServ™ solution to deliver the results you need.

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