Cross-device online displayOur online Display campaigns offer comprehensive coverage of highly refined segments of users – mobile and pc – by analyzing billions of data points and bidding to place ads in real time.

These programmatic campaigns work in real-time on huge data management platforms that can process data and win bids for space in nanoseconds while a browser window opens a web site.

MarketServ™ has strategic alliances with the nation’s largest data management platforms. Through these platforms, our advertisers gain access to the top 25 demand side platforms where display ads are placed.

Find out the advantages of a real-time online advertising campaign.

  • hyper-target to reach your audience
  • re-target visitors to your site to increase actions taken
  • refine targeting during the campaign based on what’s working to maximize ROI

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Detailed User Profiles are the epicenter of hyper-targeting. The more details, the better the targeting. Learn more at “Getting personal. The better you see your target, the better you’ll aim.

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