77422090-Audience-Top-of-PageBig Brands reach anywhere on the Internet

MarketServ™ reaches your audience for you

Our unique relationship with the leading Internet display ad networks delivers online audiences to small and medium-size businesses. These networks have extensive high quality data on more than 97% of all online users in the U.S. With this wealth of data and access to thousands of the top U.S. web sites, MarketServ™ finds your audience and the web sites they visit.

116552119-Audience-318x201Over 200,000,000 30-day unique anonymous user profiles

MarketServ™ advertisers have access to more than 97% of all online users in the U.S. as tracked by comScore. A unified Data Management Platform that transforms PC display and mobile data into rich cross-device profiles control these data sets – and that includes 80% of all iPhone, iPad and Android users.



Deliver your message on thousands of sites

MarketServ™ reaches your prospects – in your locale or around the U.S. – on the web sites they visit. Our inventory includes local sites like to big national sites like,, and – plus 10,000 apps and mobile web sites.



Big data + thousands of sites = your audience

Nano-second real-time cross-device advertising delivers the people you need to reach – when & where they go online – through 390+ million connected devices for unparalleled user-to-device matching accuracy.


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