Campaign automation details

Digital marketing and lead management

IBM Watson Marketing: Campaign Automation

Provides a cloud-based digital marketing platform for email marketing, lead management and mobil and social engagement solutions.

How it works
Email marketing

Easily create and edit highly relevant email content. IBM Marketing Cloud helps marketing organizations develop industry-leading email campaign that deliver relevant and timely communications based on online and offline behaviors. Use data about customer behaviors to inform and promote personalized customer interactions in near real time.

Lead management

Capture more of the right leads. Close the loop between marketing and sales and drive greater revenue through lead management features that deliver higher-quality leads and decrease customer acquisition costs. Get quality leads by understanding prospect behavior and scoring on that behavior. Manage and nurture your leads, maximize your budget.

Mobile marketing

Effectively engage with your always on-the-go audience. Capture mobile insights in real time and drive personalized mobile experiences to each contact through email, SMS, simple/rich push notifications and connected devices like the Apple Watch.

Journey design

Begin creating journey maps in miuntes with IBM Journey Designer. Marketing, sales and customer service can collaboratively visualize cross-channel journeys, set common marketing goals and design tailored customer experiences for dozens of priority segments in a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface.

Technical details
Software requirements

You must use the latest version of Chrome or Firefox, or Internet Explorer (IE) 11. Other browsers and IE 10 and older are not supported.

→ See complete list of software requirements

Hardware requirements

The minimu system requirements for memory, processor speed, and hard disk drive space the the same as needed to run your browser.

→ See complete list of hardware requirements

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