Email Marketing

Email underpins digital marketingEveryone – entrepreneurs to enterprise organizations, B2C or B2B – should have an email marketing component underpinning their communications strategy.

We believe two platforms are superior to any of their competitors. Both make email marketing easy.

For smaller businesses, we recommend Emma – and only Emma – because it leads the field of the smaller email marketing systems for both ease of use and state of the art in email marketing technology.

For medium-size to enterprise businesses, the IBM Marketing Cloud is the way to go.

We can help you enable either system. We’ve been agency partners with Emma since 2007, and we’re an IBM Business Partner for the IBM Marketing Cloud.

Take a look at all that Emma can do for you. You’ll see some pretty impressive names that use it – like the Food Network’s Chef Mario Batali and Brandeis University as well as equally impressive smaller users like LUV AJ and Oxford American magazine.

The IBM Marketing Cloud is a robust system powered by the Silverpop Engage email system. With the IBM Marketing Cloud, you can leverage customer data into analytical insights and automate relevant cross-channel interactions including mobile, SMS, and social.

With our email marketing know how, we can guide you through ideas to build your email list(s), techniques for getting more of your messages through to Inboxes, and getting them opened once there. Plus, we can help you create your messages, develop your audience, and analyze your responses. We can help you generate content, and integrate social networking with campaigns.

Contact us to make your email marketing easy.

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