Programmatic Online Display

146527583-Presentation-Slide-Show-1Are you finding new customers on the Internet? It’s not a haystack…when you know where to look.

Find new customers in the neighborhood or around the country. MarketServ customizes each advertiser’s campaign to put you on the Internet in the race for new and repeat customers using big data and predictive analytics technology.

How? Data-driven online advertising.

116552119-Presentation-318x201Take your customer profile

We have access to the nation’s most comprehensive Data Management Platforms of online users and the web sites they visit.
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Use predictive analytics

We apply predictive analytics to the Big data of their online behavior & history to find the most-likely responders to act on your ad.
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109128017-Targeting-318x201Cross-device in real-time

MarketServ campaigns engage moving targets throughout the day as they go online from PC’s and laptops to smartphones and tablets. MarketServ finds your target at the right time on the right platform.
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An 8-week campaign serves millions of ad exposures to deliver readers to your web site where they can learn about a special promotion, find your location…whatever you choose…to engage and drive customers to you.
Smart Brands build their business online.
Now you can too.
We serve ads 24/7 in real-time to any device, anywhere in the U.S. to any demographic – shoppers, entertainment and event goers to medical, legal and financial services clients…travelers to home bodies…Gen X’s to Seniors…your customers and prospects.
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