How are you keeping up with the Internet for your business?

Follow-me-on-Twitter-shutterstock_276849308Is your business B2B or B2C? Are you an entrepreneur with a start-up? Or a professional service provider? A non-profit reaching out to your community?

No matter what you do with your daytime hours (and often into the night too), it’s pretty hard to keep up on the constantly changing opportunities to advance your success using the Internet.

So here’s a simple proposition for you: follow my new article share on Twitter.

Each week, I tweet a few links to the most interesting articles from the hundreds I scan just to keep myself up to date – because Internet marketing is my business.

Some follow trends, some cover techniques, and others are, well…worth sharing.

WordPress 101: How to Make Your Site Search Engine & Marketing Ready.

And for the more technical minded: 4 Ways You’re Using UTM Tags Wrong.

Or just for fun: Watch The World’s 23 Best Commercials of 2014-2015 Top winners at Cannes, including 8 U.S. spots.

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That’s the social in social networking.