Big Brands use Big Data to hit their target

MarketServ™ finds your targets for you

MarketServ™ campaigns drill down into the vast array of ‘Big Data’ with statistics and predictive analytics routines to find the best online users, and reduce wasted exposure dollars before the first ad is served. Then, with continuous monitoring as campaigns are served and viewed, campaign targeting is optimized in real-time.

93441037-Targeting-318x201Audience & Contextual Targeting

Our anonymous profiles store hundreds of attributes on 97% of all online users. So MarketServ™ advertisers can reach their customers by who they are, where they live, previous online action-based behaviors at other sites like what they clicked, searched, or purchased, the context of the sites they visit, even keyword page-level targeting.

109128017-Targeting-318x201Cross-device by-the moment Targeting

MarketServ™ campaigns engage moving targets throughout the day as they go online from PC’s and laptops to smartphones and tablets. MarketServ™ finds your target at the right time on the right platform.

RetargetingRetargeting keeps you in front of your viewers

Once your targets visit your site – whether they visited your site through your campaign or found you via their search activity while they’re in purchasing mode – MarketServ™ re-targeting technology can re-engage them to your campaign across all of our sites.

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