We’re crunching the numbers.


We’re crunching the numbers based on your dealership size and type for all the available media choices.

I’ll call you soon to schedule our 30-minute review of how similarly sized dealerships mix the media in their ad budgets.


Earl Starkoff

Race to the Checkered Flag

Know your competition.

Coming out of the recession, who’s in the race for sales changed.

  • Lots of the smaller dealerships crashed, and are out of the race.
  • Bigger dealerships are crowding the racetrack.

Know the track and road conditions.

  • 90% of all purchases start with online research.
  • Consumers come ready to buy. There are more buyers and fewer browsers coming through the door. The “fall through” rate dropped to just 25% in 2014.

To capture the flag, you’ve got to get a good pole position to start and be fuel efficient to drive maximum dollars to your bottom line.

Having a well balanced ad budget gets your engine started.

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